As a business there are plenty of great reasons to become a sponsor for a charity as a business. First, and most importantly it’s just the right thing to do. There are plenty of great charities out there that do great work but are sadly underfunded and can use all the help they. Another good reason would be the good press it gives you. Sponsoring a charity is a great way to bolster the reputation of your business in the community. There are also many tax breaks for businesses that are kind to charities.
So these reasons are enough to make you want to be a sponsor for a charity. Now What? There are plenty of avenues to take if you want to become a sponsor for a charity. Here are three of them that will hopefully help you decide to sponsor a good local charity soon.

1. Give Out Some Free Stuff

Everybody likes getting stuff. At charity walks and other events there are often plenty of businesses giving out all sorts of things with their names on it. Drawstring bags, pens, Frisbees, reusable water bottles, T-Shirts. These types of things help people who attend the event remember the companies that helped, as well as draw more people to the events. Ordering a bulk amount of something like pens with the business name on it allows for your business to be frugal in their spending and have enough for multiple events.

2. Volunteer Time

For charity events there is a ton of work that needs to be done. This work will require people that can do it. As a business owner you can volunteer your, and your employee’s time to a great cause. Employees will likely be eager to help as everybody should enjoy donating their time to a good cause. These events are often great places to bring a family who can also lend a hand. This also allows you to be face to face with the charity you are helping and build a rapport with them.

3. Donate Money Directly to a Good Cause

This is often the most streamlined way to help a charity. Charities will never turn down money, it’s what they need to keep going much like a business. Set aside a month or week where a certain amount of profits go to a cause and advertise that. For example if you sell pizza put a sign up that says 10% of all business profits will go to whatever charity of your choice. This will not only get people eager to eat more pizza, but also get more money to the charity.

It’s important as a business to build a strong relationship with the community. The best way to do this is through charity. Charity shows you care about the community, and are there to help. These methods listed above are just a few ways you can help as a business owner. There are plenty of other ways to help too!

Having a hard time choosing a charity to help? The Osner’s Foundation would be a great charity to assist! The Osner’s Foundation works to improve the lives of orphaned children in the nation of Haiti. Email us at or call us at 516-584-8039.