Support & Assistance

If you’ve been following Osners mission to improve the lives of the impoverished people of Haiti, then you know of our medical drives. Even though we have already covered the details of our upcoming medical mission, I wanted to talk about something else that the people of Haiti desperately need: community.

Outside of food, water, medical supplies, and education, a sense of community is what the men, women, and children of Haiti require for the hope of a brighter future. Basic necessities aside, it’s a sense of community that binds these people together and provides them with motivation and determination to better themselves.

At Osners Foundation, we’re not just about helping the less fortunate but inspiring those around them to do the same. That is what community stands for. By establishing a community full of people who aspire to support one another, Osners aims to promote self-sufficiency.

What That Means For the People

That means a future where our contributions are seen as more of an added benefit rather than a primary necessity. The people of Haiti need a community just as much as they need food, water, and medical supplies. Without community, a foundation for a better life can neither be built nor sustained.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our medical drives is seeing the number of people that attend. In additional to this, it is always stunning to witness men and women that need attention but are willing to put someone else’s interests before their own. This is what community is all about. Osners is dedicated to assisting the people of Haiti all year round but what happens when we’re not there? The people of Haiti must support each other if they are to develop into the fruitful nation they deserve to be.

During our medical missions, we promote supporting each other as a sort of defense mechanism; something to combat the realities of their harsh living conditions. This is why we teach children the importance of Soccer through our athletic academy. Sports aren’t simply about competition but coming together as a unit to accomplish a shared goal. We aim to instill this value in children with hopes that they will pass it onto their parents and those around them.

A Brighter Future

The next step toward a brighter tomorrow cannot be taken alone. It’s going to take the entire nation in order to progress toward positive change. Throughout history, many civilizations have crumbled because they refused to work together to establish a community. I’m writing this to you not only inform but to join us. The people of Haiti deserve beautiful communities of their own; ones with citizens that are educated on the importance of caring for and supporting each other.

With that said, change must begin internally. No amount of food or money will make a true difference unless there is a willingness to assist those closest to you. The word community is not simply defined as a group of people living in the same area but rather a group of people that work together to ensure their collective success. In a world full of uncertainties, a sense of community is all some people have. Let’s work to create more!

Looking to do your part in assisting the people of Haiti? Visit for additional information on how you can volunteer, donate, or sponsor a child.