Osners Foundation, in collaboration with Docas Medical Mission Inc., recently completed their medical mission to Haiti. The first of many medical drives, the two organizations, along with various members of the medical community, assisted in providing the impoverished people of Haiti with some much-needed medical attention. The medical drive, which took place over the course of three days, saw the attendance of approximately a thousand men, woman, and children from different areas across the nation.

Over 30 members of the medical community including dentists, doctors, pediatricians, and nurses saw to it that hundreds of Haitian civilians received proper healthcare per day. The first day of the event alone was attended by 296 individuals seeking medical care. Doctors and nurses performed checkups and administered vaccines, pediatricians ensured that children were developing at a healthy rate and tested them for diseases, as dentists provided insight on how oral hygiene can be properly sustained while giving out teeth cleanings and necessary tooth extractions.
In addition to providing medical attention to those that needed it most, volunteers of Osners Foundation were also there to hand out food and clean water as well. Because many of Haiti’s citizens are without proper nourishment, Osners Foundation found this medical event to be the perfect opportunity to provide them with nutritious meals.

Every participant of the medical drive was happy and willing to be lending a hand, with some spontaneous acts of kindness occurring throughout the event. From one of the nurses giving her shoes to an elderly woman without any, to the doctors refusing to take a break until everyone was tended to, this was an event that truly showed the beauty that humanity possesses.
Each day of the event saw an increase in attendance, jumping from 296 people on the first day to 309 on the second day to 350 on the last. This is first-hand evidence that Osners’ mission is quickly beginning to spread across the nation of Haiti; something the non-profit organization is very proud of.

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Co-founder of Osners Foundation, J Ronald Nazaire, expressed his satisfaction with the success of the medical drive stating, “I couldn’t be happier with the results of our first medical drive of 2017. I can only hope that as we move forward, events like the one we just hosted will only continue to grow in both volunteers and attendees”.

He continued, “My utmost gratitude goes out to all of the volunteers, as well as Lorna Mullings and Kaye Huey of Docas Medical Mission Inc., for taking the time, energy, and resources to help make the beautiful nation of Haiti a brighter place. We are only getting started”.

This is only the first of many medical drives to take place moving forward. Osners Foundation aims to cultivate members of the healthcare community on a quarterly basis to ensure that the people of Haiti are not without the medical attention necessary for healthy growth and development. With the next medical drive scheduled for November of 2017, Osners Foundation has already begun planning, with every member of the medical community and volunteer from the previous one on board.

For anyone interested in how they can volunteer or donate, please feel free to visit us at osners.org.