November 6 to November 12, 2017

Osners Foundation is proud to announce that it will be hosting a new medical mission to Haiti in 2017.

After a successful medical mission in the first quarter of 2017, Osners is once again looking to cultivate doctors, nurses, dentists, and other members of the medical community in order to improve the physical and mental health of the less fortunate in Haiti. Our medical mission will involve visiting impoverished areas of the Haiti in order to provide men, women, and children with the necessary medical attention. That includes physical and dental checkups, vaccinations, tooth cleanings, and extractions.

The announcement of a new medical mission comes off the heels of a successful trip this past March. During this trip, Osners, in collaboration with Docas Medical Mission Inc., assisted in providing citizens with the proper medical care.

Osner’s new medical mission has since undergone planning. Members of the healthcare community that participated in Osners previous mission to Haiti have already signed on, as well as many of its past volunteers. Leaving from New York City, the trip to Haiti is not an easy one, also involving a bus ride to reach the event site. Nevertheless, every volunteer is enthusiastic to contribute their time, resources, and expertise to furthering Osners’ cause.

Differentiating itself from medical drives of the past, this event will take place at two separate locations, where individuals can come to receive the medical attention they desire. Osners medical mission will take place on November 6 to November 12, 2017

Anyone interested in participating in Osners’ upcoming medical mission can do so now for the low cost of $850. This price includes the cost of air travel and a portion of your hotel stay. Other expenses including food and round trip transportation from the hotel to the airport are on Osners. Outside of the service areas and hotel, Volunteers are welcome to visit other parts of Haiti but at their own expense. Those that are unable to attend can still contribute by visiting to donate or sponsor a child.

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