Since the grievous earthquake that affected Haiti back in 2010, many children in Haiti have lost their homes, foundations that provide better health care to them, educational institutions, and opportunities for parents to make a living.

Lots of children in Haiti also have been misplaced causing them to join orphanages to better their lively hood. Other children have lost their parents and don’t have a choice but to join orphanages to survive in Haiti.

Orphanages also grow due to the fact that some single parents, or parents of two still can’t provide the necessary living standards children need to grow into healthier teens and adults.

Osners Foundation Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, whose mission is to drastically improve the lives of orphaned children across the nation of Haiti, want to help orphans and children by providing for them housing, and other varieties of services that can help fund and help orphans and children grow into healthier, educated, loved adults.

Build Homes

Here at Osners Foundation Inc. we construct orphanages that adopts children and provide to those children the basic necessities they need to live in a safe nurturing environment that they can call a home.

Provide Health Services

Osners Foundation helps orphans and children by providing and maintaining the health and wellness of these children.

With the help of Osners, children in Haiti are being provided the necessary medical care to sustain natural growth and development.

Contributions will go towards providing medicine, nurses, and doctors, to insure that if any child falls ill, we are ready to help treat them.

We are also working to provide healthcare to the children of Haiti too.

Provide Funding for Fundamental Education and Sports

It’s one of our goals to help orphans and children by providing the funding needed for these children and orphans to be sent to schools that can offer lessons in basic math, science, and language art skills.

Providing educational funding to these orphans and children in Haiti by also funding other educational institutions, such as Osners Athletic Academy is a great way to develop the community.

At Osners Athletic Academy, children and orphans can learn the history of soccer, and learn how to play the great game of soccer, so they can grow into healthier individuals, and to learn self-perseverance and leadership skills.

Our coaches and mentors are there to provide these children and orphans the skills necessary to compete in the game of soccer, and to provide these children and orphans the opportunities needed to advance their skills in the great game of soccer, and to help build character to make them leaders in life.

Sports and recreations are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle for all children.

We want to develop extra-curricular activities to help orphans and children grow into positive individuals.

Let’s All Give

We don’t shy away from dedicating large amounts of resources to help the people of Haiti. We want to help the less fortunate by improving the lives of those who have fallen onto hard times in Haiti.

We want to inspire and help orphans and children become positive individuals society can benefit from. We also want to spread the message and increase fundraising to help benefit medical and food drives.

We plan to garner necessary support and outreach to improve our cause through social media campaigns too, so please like our Facebook page too. We want to make a difference, and we hope you do too.