Sponsoring a child in Haiti (and orphans around the world) will help open doors for a better future, and a brighter tomorrow.

Haitian children face huge problems that stem from political struggles, improper educational foundations, and at times, these educational foundations are too costly to renovate and institutionalize into a proper modern day facility.

Problems orphans in Haiti faces

Parents in Haiti find it hard to even take care of their own basic needs. Making it even harder to provide common necessities for their own children.

Impoverished single mothers, single fathers and parents in Haiti tend to leave their children at orphanages, because these parents know that these orphanages in Haiti will be more capable to provide to their children an adequate health care system that can help keep children healthy and sick free.

How orphanages help orphans in Haiti

Orphanages in Haiti are also capable to provide funding to poor kids and orphans alike, so they can both go get a better education from a more modernize educational system in Haiti that will provide children with the proper knowledge to handle the unbeknownst world to them.

Haitian orphanages also provide to these children good nutritional foods to help kids grow healthier so they can grow into healthy teens and adults, as well as to provide nutritional foods that will make these children healthier, function better, and become more effective in whatever endeavors life throws at them.

Orphanages also provide social services to help children who seek indemnity from their own community.

Why are there so many orphans?

Many of these children have particularly lost their parents due to war and natural causes that plague Haiti.

Recently, in 2010, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake had hit Haiti, which killed 160,000 Haitians, and displacing 1.5 million Haitians in Haiti.

Before the earthquake in Haiti, there was already an estimate of 380,000 orphans in Haiti. After the earthquake, there has been an estimate of 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of new orphans in Haiti above the 380,000 original orphans.

What you can do as a Sponsor?

A low monthly donation of $25.00 per month will help sponsor an orphan in need of your assistance.

The $25.00 donation of sponsoring a child in Haiti will go towards that child’s food, education, and health care service; which can ultimately help the child to grow into an advantageous young adult.

By sponsoring a child, you can become even more personal with these children you sponsor, as orphanages encourage children being sponsored to write letters to their sponsors.

Why is being a sponsor so rewarding?

Orphanages also allow you to write letters to any of the corresponding orphans you sponsor, essentially letting you to have them as a pen pal.

When sponsoring a child, you can opt in to receive bi-monthly photos of the child you sponsor. It’s possible to also obtain monthly email updates from your orphanage’s sponsorship foundation program of how the orphans you are sponsoring are doing.

Many children cannot go to school without your sponsorship, or even achieve basic health services and medications that can help cure sicknesses and diseases that are commonly cured by basic modern day medical procedures.

Being a sponsor also shows that you care about these children, which can give a significant boost in these lovely children’s moral.
You can do the world a favor by sponsoring these children in Haiti. Sponsoring these children will bring great value to the future of that country, known as Haiti, and to the world in general.