Haiti is a beautiful land that has a lot of respect for sports, recreation, and athletes alike. If you are prevalent in sports in Haiti, you are treated like royalty. A great example of this claim is how much of a hero, a person like Joseph Gaetjens, a Haitian Football / Soccer Player had become, after competing for the United States National Team, and scored the single winning goal that had help make an astonishing upset victory over England 1-0 in the 1950 FIFA World Cup.

Legends like Joseph Gaetjens live on in the land of Haiti, which has been plagued with civil wars and natural disasters, Hurricane Mathew being the newest installment to the catastrophes plaguing Haiti recently. Still without a doubt, Haitians have come together to focus their attention not only on rebuilding Haiti, but to progress in athletics and to stay healthier as ever (through research, eating healthy, and exercise), now that diseases and famine have run havoc in Haiti.

Still, with bright smiles, adults and children alike take the time, to join together, to run around, and kick a ball into a goal, or shoot a basketball into a hoop. Here are some sports and activities that keep Haitians active to this day.


Transportation isn’t the easiest form of luxury to find in Haiti. There is public transportation and taxis (known as tap taps) that can assist in long distance traveling. But most Haitians like to travel by foot. By keeping a healthy balanced diet, and by walking 2-4 miles a day. Haitians get plenty of exercise just by walking from one place to another.


Bicycling is also another form of affordable transportation the Haitian people use. Since Haiti is considered one of the poorest economic countries in the world, if families just barely make enough money to feed themselves. Spending money to invest into a car is barely an option or a choice. Bicycling ironically, like walking provides not just a way of accessible transportation, but it provides good exercise in an average person’s life.

Sports Haitians like to Play for Recreation

Haitian Football / Soccer

Haitian football, also known as Haitian soccer in America, is a very valued and fond sport in Haiti. Lots of the children in Haiti, take advantage of the open fields the country of Haiti provides to its citizens, to get a good game of Haitian football going. Not only do children, ranging from better off living children t0 orphans, get to play Haitian football. But adults take part of the grand sport of Football.

Haiti has many Haitian Football clubs that represent local towns and cities. Haitian football has been the national sport of choice, involving men, woman, and children, from a variety of age ranges and demographics involved in the activity of Haitian football. Not only can people play Haitian football / soccer, but many people in Haiti take the time to go to their local team’s club games and to root them on for victory!

Haitian Basketball

Although, Basketball is a more popular sport amongst the youth in Haiti, there are plenty of signs that show Basketball is an up and coming star. Youth in Haiti is taking over the craze of basketball, trying to alleviate the difficulties they face, with a quick game of 5 on 5 at a basketball court (state made or man-made).

Sooner or later, Basketball will not just give Haitians a leeway to obtain health and wellness in Haiti, especially amongst its youth, but it will probably lead to their own national team at the Olympics one day.