Education is by far one of the world’s most important benefactors to make the world a safer and better place. Little though do people know how important education really is. Education is defined by learning a systematic system, or having an enlightening experience. When one goes through education, they primarily do so to benefit themselves, and in turn, it benefits others when you are capable to take care of one’s self. Being able to provide an education in Haiti through an ample education system will bring out a positive change for this nation.

How Can Education Help Haiti?

Education Can Help Make a Better Life for People

Like I had mention in the introduction paragraph above, education can help make societies more cooperative, better, and safer. Studies show that children who know how to read, write, and count are more inclined to provide a better livelihood for themselves, their families, and their country.

Education Can Reduce the Poverty Rate

A minor education (such as the ability to read and write) could provide individuals with jobs that could help them become lifted out of poverty. If all people around the world were given a minor education, it could help reduce the poverty rate.

Education Can Increase Economic Growth

When all is said and done, a minor education doesn’t just only reduce the poverty rate, but it also allows those in poverty to increase their income.

When more people are capable to invest into themselves, and find work that increases their income, they find themselves helping their own nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Those who are involved in agriculture, and who have been educated to a certain extent see a higher rate of productivity as well.

Education Creates a Healthier Lifestyle

Education is a way to inform people on how to have basic health. Mothers who are educated know how to take care of their children better. It doesn’t mean impoverished mothers are bad mothers, but those who are more educated will understand the differences that can decrease their child’s mortality rate.

Mothers who are aware of vaccinations and the dangers of malnutrition can take it upon themselves to take care of their children at a better and faster rate.

Education Promotes Peace

War can be reduced if people had an education. Education does foster peace, comradery, and promotes gender equality. It also promotes social justice, tolerance, human rights, and environmental awareness.

Education in Haiti

Education is one of the best investments a nonprofit organization can invest into a society, a group of people, and a community. Being able to educate young individuals to become leaders of the world tomorrow is one of the most fulfilling charities you could ever think to providing to the youth.

It certainly helps to be able to financially donate to a cause, but educating yourself, the world, and children about valued reasoning behind specific actions or values will increase a productive phenomenon that will only increase the livelihood of modern society.

We at Osners Foundation look to provide an education to impoverished children and orphans in Haiti. We believe in order to better the situation in Haiti, the youth must be prepared to handle the economic and political climate they have been given. We wish the best for Haiti, and we know that in order to build a better Haiti, rather a better future for tomorrow, it starts with an education.